Why doesn't Urban Bean serve dark roast coffee?


When we spoke with Stephanie Ratanas, the Director of Coffee at Dogwood for our "I ♥ MPLS" blog, she explained that the high temperatures and extended roasting times that go in to creating dark roasts takes away from the beautiful, subtle complexities of coffee, leaving the beans burnt, chalky and oily.

The term dark roast (aka French, Italian or Viennese) are marketing terms that have been used by large coffee companies to make burnt beans seem sexy and desirable. We're not total dark roast haters, there are quality dark roasts out there, somewhere...

Coffee has more flavor notes than wine and its our goal to make sure that our coffee is presented in a way that accentuates all of its palatable qualities. So next you're in Urban Bean, have a seat at the bar and order a cup of coffee from our Pour Over or Clever coffee makers. Sip it slowly, and let the coffee roll off your tongue. Try to identify subtle flavors that perk your senses.