Complex Magazine // Dogwood Coffee Company Named In Best 25 Coffee Roasters In The U.S. Right Now

Our roaster, Dogwood Coffee Company was named one of the top 25 best roasters in the nation by Complex Magazine. Dogwood's director of coffee, Stefanie Ratanas was quoted speaking to the flavor notes of her latest favorite, Dogwood's Honduras Edgar Enemecio Marquez. We also interviewed her for our "I Heart MPLS" blog, where she spoke about her experiences and career with coffee. Below, you can find the kind the words written by Complex on our very own, Dogwood Coffee Company.

Where to get it: Dogwood Coffee Bar in Minneapolis; Urban Bean in Minneapolis, Press Coffee Bar in Dayton, Ohio, and select coffee shops in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Colorado, Oakland, and Chicago; online at
Roaster recommends: Honduras Edgar Enemecio Marquez. "This is a new origin for us, so it's exciting to be in the first year of developing these relationships," says director of coffee Stephanie Ratanas, who describes it as "pretty mellow, lots of chocolate and toffee flavors." It is best brewed with a Chemex or Aeropress.
Although it's a recent arrival, Dogwood has already established itself in many of the Twin Cities' coolest and most trusted coffee shops. Describing its coffees as "well developed light roasts," the company has quickly proven that it has an eye for quality and a knack for getting the most flavor out of its beans by not under roasting them.
In addition to a short list of relationship-based single origins, Dogwood also offers three eye-catching blends emphasizing balance and presented with a sense of fun—if you order beans of the Zamboni Cold Brew blend, make sure to pick up the matching bottle to store it in. "We just want to buy really delicious coffee and roast and brew it the best we can, and in the process have everyone benefit from its existence," says Ratanas. Hard to argue with that.

To see the full article and others who made the list, visit Complex.

credits: photos by Eliesa Johnson, story