Drink of the Month

December Drink of the Month // Molasses Ginger Latte

For month of December, we're featuring a new delicious concoction by our manager Amy Johnson, the Molasses Ginger Latte. Made with Blackstrap Molasses and brown sugar infused with cinnamon, ginger and a touch of lemon zest makes our house-made syrup. The only descriptive words that do it justice are rich a luscious, perfect for a winter warm-up. 

Our New Drink // The "Matt Call"


We would like to introduce a new drink to our menu at both locations, the "Matt Call". This drink includes a shot of espresso for here and a 10 oz. coffee to go, so you can get that quick boost of energy you need to get the day going. 

Matt Call approved the name of this drink. To us and him, this drink represents his efforts in making light of his hit and run tragedy a few years back and putting the past behind him. Matt Call will always be part of the Urban Bean family.

November DOTM // Candied Yam Latte


For the month of November we'll be offering a Candied Yam Latte served with homemade marshmallows! Our candied yam syrup is made with real sweet potato puree (no additives), brown sugar, cane sugar, water, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Once you have one of our homemade marshmallow, the ones from the bag will never be the same. So stop in and try our new concoction, the Candied Yam Latte.


October DOTM // Maple Clove Latte


For October, our drink of the month is a Maple Clove Latte. In this drink, you will taste the warm sweetness of maple syrup, rounded out by the infusion of whole cloves and balanced with a hint of cardamom. Oh, and don't forget the freshly graded nutmeg on top. This drink is the perfect combination of fall flavors. A big cozy sweater, a book and crisp Minneapolis fall day are required to fully enjoy our Maple Clove Latte.