The Most Interesting Coffee Facts

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Most of us know that coffee is considered the most common drink and the fact that most people start their day off with it. It is not surprising that over coffee’s many centuries of existence, a large number of interesting coffee facts have been discovered.

Health-Related Coffee Facts

Health-Related Coffee Facts

1. Coffee makes us strong emotionally.

The first of the coffee facts. Drinking coffee makes us emotionally strong. Thus, we become able to cope with emotional disorders and can recover from them. Therefore, for people who experience emotional issues, you need to drink regularly. This will certainly help make you able to withstand the emotional distress you are going through.

2. It also supports us physically.

It is now scientifically proven that coffee supports us physically. Drinking your daily dose of this drink, you get a lot of strength to perform everyday activities. Therefore, if you’re striving towards a particular physique, I recommend you drink coffee more often.

3. It expands our brains.

Coffee helps activate our brain cells. As a result, it expands the capabilities of our brains. You may have noticed that creatives drink a lot of coffee. This is because it enhances their thinking ability and improves their decision making.

4. We can relax with a cup of warm coffee.

With a warm cup of this drink, we can calm our nerves by making our thinking more clear and alert. When we find that, often, many things fill our minds, coffee can bring us peace. This way you can make the perfect decision. It directs our brain in the right direction, between an ocean full of thoughts.

5. It makes us wary of events in our surroundings.

Sometimes, when people are distracted by many thoughts, we do not realize what is happening around us. Coffee makes us mentally aware and makes us focus on activities at hand.

6. A cup of coffee moisturizes our body.

Dehydration in our body is the cause of many infections and harmful effects on our bodies. But by drinking coffee, we also increase the amount of water consumed. Thanks to this, our body will never be short of the water it needs to survive and function.

7. Sugar-free coffee has no calories.

These days, rumors that coffee increases calorie intake dominate. However, this is not at all true. If you do not want calories, you just need to reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee cup. Coffee without sugar or milk is calorie-free.

8. It also helps in improving the flow of blood through our body.

When coffee enters our blood cells as a liquid, it provides the body with the necessary amount of hydration. As a result, the blood flow in our veins improves and quickly reaches each of our organs.

9. Coffee is also an effective antioxidant.

Since coffee is an effective antioxidant, it limits the growth of harmful radicals in our body. Because of this, it prevents the damage of certain bacteria and harmful elements.

10. We can also lower your risk of getting cancer with six cups of coffee a day.

In coffee, some elements limit the growth of cancer cells in our bodies. Therefore, a person who likes to drink it is less prone to such deadly diseases. Coffee can save you from cancer of the liver, prostate, throat, and more.

11. Drinking a cup of coffee will also keep your heart in proper balance.

Coffee improves blood flow in our body. This reduces the effort our heart needs to exert to allow blood to flow through our bodies. Thus, our heart remains without stress and can work effectively.

12. It is also beneficial for our internal organs, such as the liver.

A person drinking alcohol can eventually suffer from a weak liver. Having a couple of cups of coffee a day helps to improve your liver condition.

13. No more worries about Parkinson’s disease.

Drinking coffee regularly limits the development of enzymes that cause Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, if you have a family history with this disease, you should have several cups of this drink per day. This can reduce your chances of being a victim of this disease.

14. Avoid Alzheimer’s.

And the same goes for Alzheimer’s. Drinking a cup of decaffeinated coffee will help your body fight the cells that cause this disease. Therefore, we can protect our bodies from the harmful effects of this disease.

15. Drinking coffee reduces the risk of neurodegenerative disorders.

Neurodegenerative disorders also cause many harmful effects on our bodies and health. Thus, people prone to such disorders should not be shy about regularly drinking a few cups of coffee.

16. It also helps in the treatment of depression.

Depression is a rapidly spreading mental disorder among people. But it is proven that people who regularly drink coffee can manage their depression. Thus, if you are ill with thoughts, just hold the mug tightly and start drinking coffee. You could quickly feel more alert and able to deal with negativity.

Food-related Coffee Facts

Food-related Coffee Facts

17. Coffee stimulates our metabolism.

If you want to increase your metabolism, coffee is the perfect drink you can turn to. We will be able to burn a lot of unnecessary calories that will help keep ourselves healthy from the harmful effects of obesity.

18. The effect of coffee remains in our body for up to 6 hours.

After you have a cup of coffee, the effect of this cup remains on our body for up to 6 hours. Therefore, we have extended energy throughout the day.

19. It prevents radical damage to the cells of our body.

The main reason our body is susceptible to disease is damage to the beneficial cells of our body. But drinking coffee kills harmful radicals which cause damage to these cells. Thus, this drink can save us from the disease.

20. And some countries consider coffee a miraculous drug!

In Arabia and some Islamic countries, coffee is considered a miraculous drug. Moreover, in the early days, to get coffee, they needed a prescription from a doctor.

21. This is one of the safest energy drinks.

Any energy drink that we consume in one way or another affects our body and often they can have negative impacts. But when it comes to coffee, there is no harmful effect from drinking it. This is the safest energy drink we can have.

22. Drinking coffee also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

One of the best health-related facts about coffee is that it prevents type 2 diabetes. Therefore, a family with a history of this disease should have several cups of this drink per day. This will certainly help in the prevention of this disease.

23. We can get rid of harmful viruses from our bodies.

There are many harmful viruses in our bodies that come from food, water, or air. But daily consumption of several cups of coffee will help to effectively remove such harmful viruses from our body.

24. Coffee can help with mouth disease.

Oral disease is a very common occurrence. However, if you want to protect yourself from the possibility of illness, then the coffee will also help in this case. A cup of coffee will help to effectively remove elements from the oral cavity that cause further illness.

25. The hotter the coffee, the better it is for the stomach.

There are many benefits of warm coffee. When it reaches our stomach, it improves the condition of our intestines. As a result, our digestive tract will become stronger and will function perfectly.

Facts About Effect of Black Coffee

Facts About Effect of Black Coffee

26. Black coffee does not contain calories.

There are many rumors of black coffee on the market. People say that it contains many calories. However, this is not at all true. There is no trace of calorie content in black coffee.

27. It reduces inflammation in our bodies.

Inflammation in our body gives us a lot of trouble. Coffee is an effective drink to reduce inflammation. In this regard, people who are faced with these problems should drink coffee more often.

28. Black coffee helps us live a healthy life.

Offering us many health benefits, coffee helps us live a healthy life. Given all of the above benefits, we can better take care of our health.

29. Black coffee inhibits swelling.

In some diseases, the development of a tumor begins. To suppress this, people go through many harsh treatments which can be also quite painful. To contribute to the management of tumors, drinking a cup of black coffee can help disable the elements that caused the tumor.

30. It helps our respiratory system.

Even our respiratory system has benefited from the coffee we drink. It removes the harmful elements present in our airways. As a result, our respiratory system functions better.

Historical Coffee Facts

31. 1530 – The first coffee shop in Damascus.

One of the oldest coffee facts. The world’s first coffee shop was opened in the Syrian city of Damascus.

32. 1650-1700 – from 1 to 2000 coffee houses in England.

The first coffee house in England was in London in 1650. In just 50 years after the first coffee shop, the number of stores increased from 1 to 2000 by 1700.

33. Starbucks has opened 2 stores daily since 1987.

Starbucks is one of the leading coffee retailers in the world. You can measure their progress with the help of statistics which tell us that Starbucks has opened 2 stores daily since 1987!

34. The beans are discovered.

It was in the 9th century that it was discovered that some goats were eating coffee beans. The shepherds noticed that the goat was very excited after the consumption of such a plant and discovered the beans that the plant produced.

35. Coffee trade has been going on for a long time.

And from the moment coffee appeared in the world, coffee trade began. Since the 12th century until now, people have been constantly trading coffee from one place to another. Thus, coffee is now available to every person in the world.

36. Now, this is the second best-selling product.

After petroleum products, coffee is the best-selling goods in the world. We can only imagine the demand and popularity that coffee has around the world.

37. People tried to ban coffee.

There were many cases when people tried to ban coffee. One such incident ended with Pope Vincent, as some people considered coffee to be sacrilegious. The Pope himself tasted coffee and stated that it was not blasphemy, and people can drink it without any worries.

38. The largest coffee cup.

The largest coffee cup was presented at the exhibition in 2010. This event took place in the city of Las Vegas. It can hold 2010 gallons of coffee. Also, it measures 8.8 feet, making it the largest coffee cup in history.

39. 1600 – New York.

In 1600, New York received its first coffee order. It is noteworthy that today people in New York drink, on average, almost 7 cups of coffee in one day.

40. Coffee – Wine of Arabia.

The word coffee comes from the Arabic word qawah. In Arabic, the word qawah means wine of Arabia. In ancient times, the emperors of this region used the same word for coffee.

41. During the American Civil War, soldiers were given 8 pounds of coffee in their ration.

While the American Civil War was on, soldiers were receiving 100 pounds of ration. Of these 100 pounds, 8 pounds was coffee. They also had the option of choosing green coffee beans. American soldiers were very fond of coffee in those days.

42. The introduction of coffee led to a drop in wine sales.

With the start of coffee sales in England, wine shop owners opposed this. The main reason for their opposition was that they thought coffee sales would lead to lower wine sales in the market.

43. Ottoman Empire death sentences for drinking coffee.

During the reign of Sultan Murad IV, drinking coffee was a major crime. Anyone caught drinking coffee received a death sentence. The leaders of the Ottoman Empire would certainly not have been fans of Starbucks.

44. 1690 – India begins to trade in coffee by growing beans in Indonesia.

In 1690, Indonesia began the production of coffee. This led to the start of the coffee trade in East India with other parts of the world. As a result, many merchants from the west came to this region.

45. Women’s petition against coffee in 1674.

In 1674, a female petition against coffee appeared. Their main complaint was that instead of taking care of their family, their husbands spent most of their time in coffee houses. Consequently, they demanded to ban the sale and consumption of coffee in London.

Strange Coffee Facts

Strange Coffee Facts

46. The most expensive coffee in the world.

When we talk about the most expensive coffee in the world, we need to visit Indonesia. Kopi Luwak coffee costs between $ 100 and $ 500 per pound. And, to our great shock, this coffee consists of the best coffee beans digested by the Sumatran cat.

47. The ban on coffee in Islamic countries.

Many Islamic countries have banned coffee because of their faith which portrays that drinking coffee is blasphemous.

48. If you do not offer her coffee, she will divorce you.

If you are a Turkish man, there is a prerequisite for providing your wife with coffee. If you do not allow your wife to drink coffee, then this may be the reason for your divorce.

49. Why does Starbucks use round tables?

You probably noticed that the tables at Starbucks are round. The main reason for this design is to avoid loneliness on the part of coffee lovers. Incredible care of your clients!

50. Good deeds in Naples.

In the city of Naples, in Italy, you can also do a good deed with coffee. For example, if you are well off, then you can pay the owner of the store for two coffee cups and take only one. The store owner will serve the remaining coffee cup to someone who cannot afford coffee.

51. How are coffee and webcam related to each other?

Another shocking but interesting fact about coffee is that the world’s first webcam appeared so that the owner of the coffee grinder could keep track of their employees.

52. Coffee helped Brazilian players reach the 1932 Olympics.

In 1932, the Brazilian government did not have enough funds to send its players to the Olympics. At that moment, they loaded the player’s ship with coffee beans. Players sold coffee beans on their way. Thus, they made up for the lack of funds.

53. What do you think of Coffee Spa?

Coffee gives us sudden relief, just like a spa. Just imagine how much relaxation they will both give when together. For complete relaxation in Japan, there is such a coffee spa.

54. Coffee strengthens the connection.

In Turkey, there is a ritual during the marriage. The bride must give the groom a cup of coffee with salt. If the groom drinks this coffee cup without complaining, then he will take care of the bride for the rest of his life. Thus, coffee keeps the connection between the pair stronger.

55. People consume nearly 500 billion cups of coffee per year.

If we calculate the total coffee consumption worldwide for the year. It will be almost 500 billion cups. And for this reason, coffee is one of the most famous drinks in the world.

56. Milk weakens caffeine.

If you want to reduce the effect of caffeine on the body, I recommend you drink coffee with lots of milk.

57. The cream helps coffee keep warm.

In case you want your coffee cup to stay warm for a long period. You just need to add some cream to your coffee cup.

58. Coffee means wine.

In Arabia, coffee is called kawah. This word is synonymous with wine in their language.

Coffee Facts Related to Coffee Consumption

59. Women who regularly consume coffee can reduce the risk of basal cell carcinoma.

Women prone to basal cell carcinoma should drink a few cups of coffee daily. Many research papers indicate that coffee removes the elements that cause basal cell carcinoma from our bodies.

60. If you regularly drink coffee, then the likelihood of calcium deposits in the arteries is lower.

More good news for regular coffee lovers. People who drink coffee regularly are less likely to have calcium deposits in their arteries. This saves our arteries from further damage.

61. Coffee has neuroprotective properties that reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Since the coffee we drink has neuroprotective properties, we can easily deal with anti-aging elements. Also, it increases the strength of anti-inflammatory elements. This will help us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

62. Coffee activates the stem cells of our brain and improves its health.

Certain elements in coffee activate brain stem cells. Such elements help in improving the state of our brain. As a result, the brain will become more active. That will make it easier for us to make good decisions.

63. Regular coffee consumption also reduces the risk of dementia.

Drinking only three to five cups of coffee per day will reduce the risk of dementia in our body. Because of this, people who are afraid of this disease from their family or environment should drink coffee in abundance.

64. Drinking coffee also boosts your athletic performance.

Although drinking too much coffee is undesirable, drinking coffee will undoubtedly improve your athletic skills. Coffee is one of the safest energy drinks in the world. Its consumption gives us a lot of energy to perform physical exercises.

Coffee Beans Facts

Coffee Beans Facts

65. Coffee beans are not beans, but berries.

Yes, we have already said that coffee beans are fruits, and this fruit is a berry. We extract juice from berries in the same way we extract juice from our coffee beans.

66. Unfortunately, one coffee tree gives only 5 pounds of beans.

Another shocking but interesting fact about coffee is that the coffee tree produces very few beans. With one coffee tree, we will not get more than 5 pounds of coffee beans. So we need a lot of lands and many crops to produce coffee beans in abundance.

67. The more you roast the beans, the less caffeine they will hold.

Some people say that roasting beans will increase the amount of caffeine. However, the opposite is true in this case. The more we roast coffee, the more it will burn caffeine. Thus, if you want to reduce caffeine intake, you should roast the beans well.

68. The first license to sell coffee was given in 1670.

The first license to sell coffee was issued in England in 1670. We can consider it as the beginning of the professional sale of coffee in the world.

69. Bean coffee has more energy than any other energy drink.

Yes, coffee beans have a huge amount of energy that we can use in carrying out our daily tasks. This energy is even greater than in the energy drinks that are available to us in the market.

70. 25 million people depend on coffee beans as a livelihood.

The people who make coffee belong to poor communities and a large plot of land is required to grow coffee. Thus, coffee harvesting is the work of 25 million people around the world.

71. To roast 2 pounds of coffee, you need almost 5,000 coffee beans.

To produce 2 pounds of coffee, 5,000 coffee beans will be required. And to make such a large amount of coffee, we must use 137 gallons of water.

72. However, Starbucks spends more on employees than on coffee beans.

This is another noteworthy fact. Starbucks is popular and successful because it knows how to take care of the business. Build your employees up and they will build you up. Starbucks spends more on the health insurance of its employees than on the purchase of coffee beans.

Additionally Coffee Facts

73. Every day, people consume 2.25 billion cups of coffee.

Worldwide daily coffee consumption is 2.25 billion cups of coffee. This indicates the position and importance of coffee in people’s lives.

74. Morning from 9:30 to 11:30 – the time when coffee is more effective.

Another scientific fact on our list of interesting facts about coffee. If we drink coffee in the morning from 9:30 to 11:30, its effects will remain for a long period.

75. George Washington – thanks for instant coffee.

And if you are a lover of instant coffee, then you need to thank Mr. George Washington. It was he who invented the machine for making instant coffee. After the invention of this machine, making a cup of coffee became an easier task.

76. Starbucks – the best-known coffee in the world.

Starbucks, which owns a large chain of coffee houses, is famous for the delicious coffee it offers to customers around the world. Today, there are over 87,000 coffee combinations available at Starbucks.

77. Before coffee, beer was a drink for breakfast in the USA.

Before coffee became popular in the US, beer was more common among people for breakfast. Can you imagine a beer for breakfast? Thus, we can consider coffee as a better substitute for beer.

78. Sweet Potato – Coffee Substitute.

During the U.S. Civil War, when supplies of coffee did not reach the soldiers, they replaced coffee with dried sweet potatoes. Surprisingly, sweet potatoes also gave them the same effect as coffee.

79. France and Germany – in the wake of the USA.

After the United States, the main consumers of coffee are France and Germany. The USA, France, and Germany together consume 65% of all coffee produced in the world.

80. The world’s first coffee advertisement.

This brochure, right now at the British Museum, was published and distributed in 1651.

81. It is also the preferred date drink.

Coffee is also the most preferred date drink. Sitting in the warmth and comfort, next to the person we love, holding hands and sipping warm coffee. Who does not like this feeling? Consequently, coffee has become a leading choice among couples and cafes as an ideal place for their dates.

82. Stay away from coffee if you are an athlete.

Drinking more than 5 cups of coffee per day increases caffeine levels in the body. According to medical checks, if too much caffeine is found in the athlete’s urine, the committee will disqualify the athlete from the competition.

83. Japan – a place to hang out with cats for a cup of coffee.

There are special cafes in Japan and Korea where you can hang out with cats while drinking coffee. Such coffee houses are very popular among people who like cats and coffee.

84. Even our saliva loves coffee.

If we do not smell coffee, we cannot determine its taste. The reason for this is that our saliva absorbs half the taste of the coffee we drink.

85. Say “Hello” and “Please” to get coffee at a lower price.

You may be in shock, but it’s true. There are several coffee houses in France where, if you are not polite to employees with kind words such as “Hello” and “Please,” they will have a good reason to increase the cost of a coffee cup.

86. Even Elephants make Coffee.

This coffee is known as Black Ivory and is made by Thai elephants. This is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee comes from the elephant’s dung.

87. Coffee as punishment.

Once Gustav III of Sweden ordered a strange punishment. Instead of delivering death row to a set of twins, he gave the order to feed one twin with three pots of coffee and the other with three pots of tea. This was done to understand the effects of these drinks on the human body.

88. Want to kill someone? Feed them 70 cups of coffee.

If you want to kill a normal person weighing about 70 kg, all you have to do is feed them 70 cups of coffee per day. This will certainly cause instant death.

89. It was the locksmith who launched the coffee grinder.

In 1965, a locksmith in London began grinding coffee in the city. It was the first coffee grinder in England to start making coffee grinds in the country.

90. The cessation of coffee consumption has also led to numerous uprisings.

There are many cases where a coffee ban in a particular place led people to rebel against the government. This clearly shows people’s love for coffee.

91. This is the second most popular drink in the world after water.

Water is one of the basic needs of people. Coffee is second in the list of the most famous drinks in the world. This shows the importance of coffee in our lives.

92. Perhaps coffee was the first food that was frozen.

Also, coffee was the first food product in the world to be frozen. Due to the inaccessibility of coffee in some parts of the world, its trade began. To preserve coffee during the travel period, merchants usually froze it to survive for a long period.

93. In Italian, espresso means crowding out.

Espresso is a method of instantly extracting coffee from coffee beans. The Italian word espresso means crowding out.

94. Arabica and Robusta – the two main types of coffee beans.

Many people know this coffee fact. There are two main types of coffee beans available in the market. These are Arabica and Robusta. The main difference between the varieties is the way they roast and taste, and where they are grown.

95. Brazil – a leading country for the production of coffee.

Brazil is the leading coffee producer in the world. With nearly 40% of the world’s coffee production, this beautiful country supplies coffee all over the world.

96. Initially, coffee was food, not a drink.

In the early days of coffee, consumption was in the form of food products. People used to crush coffee beans in the grass and consume them in the same way. At that time there was no method of making a coffee drink.

97. But actually, it is a fruit!

Although many people think of coffee beans as beans, they are fruits. Grinding coffee leaves juice, which is not possible with beans.

98. The smell of coffee is enough to put off sleep.

Another scientific fact on our list of interesting facts about coffee. If we smell coffee at the beginning of our day, it will help us properly wake up. And you know how effective a cup of coffee is to get a dose of energy for the whole day.

99. The USA – the place where coffee is life.

People from the USA have an extreme love of coffee. The country is at the top of the list of countries consuming coffee.

100. Nearly 80% of people in the US start their day with a cup of coffee.

Every 4 out of 5 people in the USA start their day with a cup of coffee. However, Hawaii is the only state in the United States that produces coffee. Therefore, the United States is also the largest importer of coffee in the world.

101. At the end of the day, Americans drink more than 450 million cups of coffee.

The last interesting coffee fact. When the next day comes to an end, Americans have had 450 million cups of coffee. Coffee is part of their lifestyle, and this part cannot be separated from them. We must welcome their dedication and love of coffee.


We examined with you the most interesting coffee facts. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

If you want to add any more coffee facts, then write to me or leave a review below. I will answer everyone.

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