Subrosa Coffee 

I’m excited to share that Urban Bean Coffee has officially acquired the domain.

I launched Urban Bean Coffee with an aspiration of helping coffee lovers expand their experience by providing detailed information on a variety of topics.

For me, these conversations have always started with consideration for the coffee brewing equipment and coffee beans we bring home.

Over the past decade, the domain has also been a home for coffee lovers who were passionate about brewing and tasting delicious coffee drinks.

A Brief History of Subrosa Coffee

Subrosa Coffee opened in 2009 as a coffee shop in Oakland, CA by Catherine Macken. It quickly became a popular destination for coffee drinkers and in 2017 Macken opened its second Subrosa in Longfellow, Oakland.

Subrosa was providing people with the best coffee, baked goods, and service.

It adhered to the philosophy that delicious coffee cannot be separated from knowledge about the drink. The region of cultivation; the growing, harvesting, and processing methods; and the storage and roasting processes can tell a lot about coffee.

The company also took an active role in the development of local culture by exhibiting works by local artists, organizing annual craft fairs with local vendors, participating in neighborhood parties, and raising funds to address issues of social justice.

Unfortunately, Subrosa closed in the fall of 2020 during a global pandemic. Both of their cafes were transferred to States Coffee.

Because Subrosa's goal was to provide the best coffee, the company collaborated with a roaster who bought beans directly from coffee farms around the world. The company was well versed in coffee and its preparation and about it was Subrosa's blog, which interested Urban Bean Coffee.

More Than Just Coffee

My enduring hope is that several of the ideas that formerly lived on the SubrosaCoffee domain will continue to live on within the world of Urban Bean Coffee. If you are discovering us because you were navigating to that domain, welcome!

We built this site for all coffee lovers with the belief that coffee brewing isn’t just a series of steps that you do to get cup of coffee. Coffee has the ability to invigorate our bodies, delight with its taste and unite lovers of this drink.

Urban Bean's website contains many quality reviews of the best coffee beans, including espresso beans, organic beans, low-acid coffee beans, Kona beans, and more.

Urban Bean helps people find not only delicious high-quality beans but also the best espresso machines for home use. The site features many reviews of espresso makers, ranging from budget espresso machines to super-automatic espresso machines. Each review begins with a detailed study of each model to minimize the possibility of a bad purchase.

For fans of experimentation, the Urban Bean team offers information on different brewing methods, including cold brew, pour-over, AeroPress, French press, and more. To ensure that every coffee lover can easily brew a great-tasting drink with any method, the team has provided straightforward guides.

The collaboration between Urban Bean Coffee and Subrosa Coffee will be beneficial for people who are constantly in search of the best coffee. The joint project will combine the best approaches from each company and allow coffee connoisseurs to learn more while saving time. Now the search for coffee beans and brewing equipment will be simple and convenient.