We're proud to make our espresso drinks using Autumnwood Farm natural dairy products. Since 1902, members of the Daninger family have run a dairy operation on the south side of Forest Lake, Minnesota. Modern milking machines and technological advances in the new micro-creamery make today’s dairy vastly different from that early 1900s farm, yet Autumnwood Farm bears one strong resemblance to its forerunner: a commitment to producing natural dairy products.

There’s farm fresh goodness packed into every bottle of milk from Autumnwood Farm. Using milk only from pastured cows, Autumnwood Farm brings all-natural, low-temperature pasteurized milk to health-conscious consumers. Through rotational grazing and carefully managed nutrition, the Autumnwood Farm cows produce milk that tastes good and is good for you.

Autumnwood Farm cows never receive growth hormone (rBST), and since they are raised naturally in a very healthful environment, they rarely need antibiotics. Every measure is taken to ensure that Autumnwood milk is free of any antibiotics.

Autumnwood Farm offers these high-quality products, direct from the dairy and on-site plant. All milk is bottled in reusable, environmentally friendly glass bottles (which also keep the milk colder).