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It’s hard to imagine a world without coffee.

Our world has come a long way since humans first started drinking coffee, and today coffee production is a gigantic industry, employing more than 20 million people worldwide. Coffee is a valuable commodity, ranking second after oil in international market trading.

Coffee lovers can be found around the world, and many famous people were known lovers of the drink. One was Balzac, the 19th-century French novelist, and playwright. He was a true coffee connoisseur, as he drank it very frequently and was known for preferring a strong brew.

So, what is this site really about?

Let’s take a look.

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Who We Are

We are people for whom coffee is more than just a drink. Each of us has extensive experience in making coffee and handling coffee machines. But each of us came to this in different ways: one through the repair of coffee makers, one from the world of baristas, and one from a love of experimenting with his espresso machine at home.

What We Do

Urban Bean Coffee helps people get to know the coffee world. We give you interesting and useful information to make the coffee preparation process simple and enjoyable.

We help you choose coffee by discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and features of each product. At the end of each article, there is a buying guide so you can easily and quickly make your choice.

We also share the best recipes, guides, historical information, coffee tips, and coffee statistics. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can write to us. We will answer you, and if your question is frequently asked, we will write an article about it.

We know where we are going. We are continually developing our blog, and in the future, new sections will appear and more questions will be covered. You can make your suggestions for improving the project or even join our team.

How We Do It

To make quality content, you need to put yourself in the place of the reader. Each team member knows this. Therefore, we try to create articles that will be understandable to anyone, from a novice coffee lover to a professional barista. 

But there will be no quality content without a deep analysis of the topic. Before starting to write, we examine the product from all sides and conduct tests or tastings when it comes to coffee. You can read the full discussion of this process in the How We Review section.

We are not influenced by money. All our reviews are independent. We take into account the opinions of other people. We are also always open to advise or criticism from our readers. You help us to become better.

Our Values  


It is important to us that the coffee and products we recommend do not look like any other in the category. We try to choose products so that everyone can find something that suits them.


Before recommending a product to you, we do in-depth research to minimize the possibility of a bad purchase. Your time and nerves are important to us.


We are not influenced by money, and we don’t work with sponsors of a particular product. All our reviews are independent. We are honest with you.

Meet Our Team

The Urban Bean Coffee team consists of trained people with experience in the coffee industry, and experts in coffee equipment and brewing methods who like coffee more than any other drink. You can meet our team below.


Emma Robbins – Writer & Editor

Hey! I’m Emma!

I fell in love with coffee two years ago when I drank my first cappuccino. Last year, I worked as a barista in a small Seattle bakery and learned how to make all my favorite espresso-based drinks. The best part of the job was whipping up the perfect cappuccino foam, though I never quite got the hang of latte art.

Now I work as a freelance writer and editor, and have been very lucky to work with Urban Bean Coffee for the past eight months. As I’ve written and edited articles for this site, I’ve been able to apply my knowledge of espresso, and I’ve learned more about coffee than I ever thought I would.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Why Trust Us? 

We know that we cannot be perfect in everything that we do, but we give it our all. Before releasing any article, we devote most of our time to research.

Urban Bean Coffee chooses products that are very popular with customers. We do an in-depth analysis and look at the features of the product, its characteristics, and its positive and negative attributes in order to get a complete picture of the product. If the product meets our requirements, then we include it in our list.

Then we select one of our authors who is best-acquainted with similar products and he or she describes it. This ensures that you will not have problems understanding the text and you will be able to make the right purchase.

What We Have Prepared For You 

How To Make Coffee Main Image

Coffee Beans

According to legend, in what is today the country of Ethiopia, a young, ninth-century shepherd named Kaldi saw his goats eating reddish berries from small bushes. Afterward, they began to frolic with extraordinary energy.

The curious shepherd decided to try the berries and leaves. He did not like the taste, but soon the young man noticed that fatigue had left him, and his mood improved considerably.

Missionary monks learned from the shepherd about the miraculous properties of these unusual leaves and berries. They were able to make a recipe for decoction of the coffee, and the drink helped return people to vigor and strength, banished their blues, and helped them not to fall asleep during long prayers.

Nowadays, everyone is able to recognize a coffee bean and is familiar with the effects of coffee. However, not everyone can distinguish Arabica beans from Robusta.

Relying on our experience, we have described the various types of coffee beans for you. Here, you will find information on the different types of beans and how they vary in taste, as well as the ways to prepare each particular type of bean. It won’t be difficult for you with the help of our article!

Aeropress Instructions (Guide)

Brewing Methods

Which brewing method makes the best coffee?

We have already prepared a guide on how to brew coffee. All the possible methods are described here, starting with a French press and ending with cold brew. You will be able to choose which coffee to make based on your abilities, cooking time, and taste preferences.

Each method is described in great detail with simple steps.

Brewing coffee is easy, the main thing is to love the taste!

Espresso Machines Instructions (Guide)

Brewing Equipment

There have been significant improvements in the technological methods of making coffee. Now, to make your favorite drink, you need only to insert a coffee capsule and press a button on your machine. 

There are, of course, a variety of coffee machines available. This is where problems arise when choosing equipment.

Which coffee brewing equipment is best for your home? What about your office? How often should it be cleaned? What types of coffee does it make? How well will the coffee be made?

But never fear! We have already given you the answers to all these questions and you can make a choice without difficulty.

Cold Coffee Instructions (Guide)


Coffee is a drink that can be prepared in different ways, so there are endless flavors to discover.

There are so many ways to make your coffee, and so we dedicated a whole article to this issue.

It is important to remember that the taste of the drink depends not only on the method of preparation, but also on the type of coffee bean used and how it has been roasted and/or ground, so take these factors into account when making coffee purchases.

Coffee Basics Instructions (Guide)

Coffee Review

Looking for the best coffee brand?

We have compared and reviewed many coffee brands. Here, you will find reviews on the best decaf coffee, find out which coffee beans are the best for a cold brew, and so much more.

Review Process FAQ

Urban Bean Coffee is committed to providing the most useful and objective information about coffee and coffee equipment.

Our product review methods allow us to do this, but we believe that they can and should be improved.

We have a big goal and to achieve it, we need money as well as professionals from the coffee industry. Therefore, our review process is dynamic.

We will continually improve our review process as the site grows and as we grow as professionals.

How you review coffee beans? 

In articles dedicated to coffee beans, we are closest to our ideal review process. Fortunately, coffee is not a very expensive product, and we can afford to buy it and test it ourselves. Here is our complete process:

1. Determine the category of coffee. For example, coffee beans for a French press, or decaf coffee.

2. We select several products.

3. We buy these products with our own money.

4. We conduct a coffee tasting. We prepare each coffee with the same cooking method in order to compare taste, aroma, density or other qualities.

5. We complement our study with the opinions of other people. We conduct an in-depth search for reviews.

6. We write up the product’s features and our impressions to determine why (or whether) you should spend money on the product.

7. We rank the remaining winners according to our rating.

This method takes longer than any other, but it gives the most trustworthy results.

What about coffee equipment?

When considering coffee technology, we do not have the budget to buy each product. Therefore, our coffee equipment review process is as follows:

1. Choose a category of equipment. It can be espresso machines, electric grinders, etc.

2. We thoroughly research the product, using every available resource. These include customer reviews, YouTube videos, and some other sites.

3. We supplement the study with the practical experience of those of us who already have experience with similar equipment.

4. We select the best products from this category. Our goal is to find 10 products, but there may be fewer.

5. We write a detailed article that includes product reviews, a buying guide to help you choose the best product, and frequently asked questions.

How we can influence the review process?

We try to be as honest and transparent as possible. This allows us to have a good relationship with our visitors. But it would be great if you were also honest with us. Leave comments on our articles, or email us with any feedback

You may have praise or criticism. Both are important to us; they show whether we are going in the right direction.

You can offer us your ideas, which we could turn into reviews. We will listen to and answer every message.

How you collect data for reviews?

Accurate information is important to us. All our coffee data is collected by us personally. We buy coffee beans, taste the coffee, and write our reviews.

In the future, we would like our reviews on coffee equipment to be the same as on coffee beans; we want to buy and test each product rather than relying on the views of others. This is one of the goals that we strive for. 

How you decide on ratings?

We select only the best products, but they also need to be ranked. The rankings are our personal opinions. They are based on a general assessment that consists of the following factors:

  • Product quality
  • Consumer demand
  • Pros and cons
  • Price

We take into account everything that distinguishes one product from another, and award higher ratings to those products that, in our opinion, will solve your coffee problems quicker and more accurately.