Best Budget Coffee Makers: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Reviewed by Urban Bean Coffee Team

on August 6, 2021


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Our team selected these budget coffee makers for their reliability and ability to brew high-quality coffee.

If your budget is tight, but you can't live without coffee, then a budget coffee maker is a great choice.

But you might be wondering: Can a cheap coffee maker brew good coffee?

Our team looked into this and found that cheap coffee makers can make great coffee.

The best part?

We have compiled a list of 8 best cheap coffee makers that will serve you for a long time and will brew a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee every time. We've also created a buying guide so you can find out how to choose the coffee maker for your needs.


Mr. Coffee

 Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee has created a modern version of the classic drip coffee maker. Without complicated tweaks that would only increase its price, this coffee maker offers an affordable solution for both home and office use.

Key Features

Brew up to 12 cups of coffee

Easy to use - press the button and get coffee

• Compact design



 Bonavita BV1901PW Budget Coffee Maker

Pour-over coffee machines have slightly changed the principle of drip coffee makers. Thanks to this, they make the coffee tastier, with the same effort.

Key Features

The pre-infusion mode simulates a manual infusion method
• Brew up to 8 cups of coffee
 The triangular design makes it easy to remove the filter basket and water tank



AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

One of the strengths of the AeroPress is its compact size.

Key Features

Ideal for the road or outdoor recreation

AeroPress coffee has a light body and a clean taste

Made of BPA-free plastic

How to Choose a Cheap Coffee Maker


There are many types of coffee makers. If you plan to serve multiple people at the same time, opt for a drip maker, which can brew up to 12 cups in one go. If you normally make one cup at a time, try a non-electric brewer or a one-serving machine that uses pods.

This article covers many types of coffee makers so it can be useful for people with all different needs and preferences.


If space is limited in your kitchen or office, you will have to buy a small coffee maker. A manual brewer like a pour-over, a single-serve coffee machine, or a compact drip coffee machine will be well-suited to your space.

Don't forget to check the height, depth, and width of a coffee maker before purchasing to make sure it's right for you.


There are coffee machines that can serve entire families or even offices. In this case, one of the most important characteristics is the actual cup capacity.

All you need to do is look at the capacity of the water tank as well as the ground coffee beans compartment and glass carafe. You have the option to buy a coffee machine that prepares one to 12 cups at a time, depending on your individual needs.

Brewing time

While the best drip machines can brew several cups in a matter of minutes, other machines have a complex process with different filters that need to be replaced after each brewed cup.

If you don't have time to brew in the morning, then we recommend you choose from automated options that make the whole process as simple as possible. If you are a true coffee lover who doesn't care about how long it takes to get a great cup of coffee, then pour-over coffee makers, French presses, and other similar options are best for you.

Ease of use

Ease of use is also a major factor when choosing a technical product.

Programmable electric coffee makers can brew coffee so that it's ready when you wake up. Regular electric brewers may require a little more attention, but nonetheless operate with the push of a few buttons.

Manual coffee makers, such as French presses and pour-over makers, require a lot more attention to brew the perfect cup.

Also, if you're not a fan of cleaning your coffee machine, then it is best to look for a product that comes with removable parts for easier cleaning. In addition, if you're not sure when to clean your coffee maker, you can find one that notifies you when it needs to be cleaned.

Detailed List of the Best Coffee Makers On a Budget

1. Mr. Coffee - Best Budget Coffee Maker

The copmany has been operating since the 70s. Like many large companies, it has mastered the art of making its products easier to use. Without many additional features, the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup coffee maker stands out for its simplicity.

Editor's Rating


/ 10

 Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

There are other alternatives, but for great coffee, one button, an easy-to-replace brewing basket, and a filter are enough.

The design of the brewing basket is very convenient. This machine brew up to 12 delicious cups of coffee. There is also a water window that shows you how much water is left.

Without any complicated settings, this machine allows you to brew a hot cup of Joe in minutes. However, one of the few added features allows the machine to pause so you can pour yourself a little coffee before the brewing process is complete.

The Lift & Clean filter basket is also easy to use. The filters are disposable, which means keeping the machine clean isn't difficult.

2. Motif - Best Budget Automatic Pour-Over

Motif has a deep understanding of the science of coffee, made possible by over 25 years of experience in the industry, and incorporates its expertise into all its products. Every detail helps you prepare the very best drink at home.

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/ 10

Motif Elements Pour-Over Style Coffee Brewer

Their Seattle-designed product line aims to elevate and personalize the home experience. The company wants to help us identify the best practices and products that match our level of expertise, our priorities, our lifestyle, and our preferences.

This best coffee maker under $100 reaches its brewing temperature within 60 seconds and then maintains a brewing temperature between 197.6°F and 204.8°F throughout the entire brew cycle for optimal extraction.

The internal design allows for fast brewing without overheating. Once brewing is complete, the 8-cup stainless steel carafe maintains the temperature of the coffee without any need to reheat.

The pre-infusion mode simulates a manual infusion method. At this critical stage, the machine wets the coffee grounds for 20 seconds. This triggers the blooming process, during which carbon dioxide is released from the beans so that extraction can proceed more evenly.

The water flow pauses for 30 seconds to allow the grounds to fully bloom and reveal their unique flavor profile. Then brewing continues until you have a delicious, steaming cup of coffee.

3. AeroPress - Best Compact Choice

The AeroPress has established itself as one of the most popular choices among coffee lovers.

Editor's Rating


/ 10

AeroPress Coffee Maker

If you are thinking of choosing a coffee maker that can brew one or two cups quickly and efficiently, this product should be in your kitchen.

One of the strengths of the AeroPress is its compact size. It is small and light enough that you can easily take it to work or on a trip.

This best small coffee maker is made of BPA-free plastic. Over the years, the material has changed slightly with each new iteration. The latest model features a translucent gray material that not only looks great but also proves to be very resistant to wear and tear.

AeroPress coffee has a light body and a clean taste. The fact is that paper filters are used here. The porous structure of such a filter allows flavors to pass through well, but retains coffee dust. You can drink it all day long - the taste will remain stable. However, the taste descriptors will change upon cooling.

A cup of coffee made in an AeroPress tastes like an espresso. However, this device has more in common with the pour-over method than with an espresso machine or French press. This is because the AeroPress uses a paper filter that keeps many coffee oils from entering your cup. Many people actually like this because it enhances the subtler taste.

4. Hamilton Beach - Best Budget Smart Coffee Maker

What is the best coffee maker to buy for home use? Our team believes that the smart coffee machine fills this role. Why? Keep reading to find out.

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/ 10

 Hamilton Beach coffee maker

Hamilton Beach 12-cup programmable coffee maker are designed to make your life easier. The company uses consumer insight, in-depth research, and rigorous testing to provide the best solutions for our daily needs.

This best cheap smart coffee maker works with Alexa and has been praised for its reliability and functionality. Few smart coffee makers are capable of running Alexa, so this smart coffee maker stands out.

Just ask Alexa to turn on the Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker and brew up to 12 cups. Easily add your favorite ground beans to the swivel brewing basket and add water without having to move the coffee machine, thanks to the front-filling water reservoir.

You can even select your preferred brewing strength—regular or bold—via the Alexa app, your smart speaker, or manually. Use the Alexa app to easily program your morning brewing routine.

You can ask your Alexa app or smart speaker to start brewing, change the brew strength selector, or turn off the machine. The timer automatically saves the correct brewing time by wirelessly syncing with the app, which you can easily program for ready-to-drink coffee.

5. Sboly - Best Budget Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Sboly is a small machine that measures only 5.25 x 7.5 x 12 inches. Designed to be compact and durable, this K-cup coffee maker does the job without taking up too much space.

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/ 10

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker

The key feature that attracted us to this machine is its twin filter baskets. The first is designed for use with quick and convenient K-Cup capsules. The second is designed for use with coffee grounds. Not only is it larger than a regular K-Cup ground coffee basket, it is also much easier to clean.

The Sboly home coffee maker prepares a 180° beverage in just 3 minutes. Two buttons let you choose between brewing with capsules or ground beans. To clean the machine, just hold both buttons at once.

This device will shut off automatically after brewing, which is convenient as it only brews one cup per each refill of the water reservoir.

Making coffee is as easy as adding water and pressing the correct button. The button will flash as the water heats up and then turn solid color when brewing.

6. Bodum - Best Budget Pour Over Maker

Pour-over is a very easy way to make a good cup of coffee. The technique involves slowly pouring hot water over freshly ground coffee beans and allowing the coffee to drain into the cup below.

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/ 10

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Bodum Pour Over coffee maker is a small, beautifully designed machine that comes with a reusable filter. It brews about 2 large cups of coffee at a time.

The reusable filter is easy to clean and has small enough holes to keep the grounds out of your drink while still allowing all the water through.

This best cheap coffee maker under $20 is easy to disassemble and clean, unlike some of the more expensive pour-over carafes made with wood or cork accessories.

If you are wondering which coffee maker makes the best coffee, the Bodum pour-over maker is the perfect answer, because every cup you brew will have a very rich aroma and pleasant taste.

7. OXO BREW - Best Budget Cold Brew Maker

The first thing that caught our attention when we learned about the OXO BREW cold brew maker was that it is very easy to use. Just add coarse-ground beans to the plastic container, pour water through the rainmaker top, and let the device sit for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator or on the counter.

Editor's Rating


/ 10

 OXO BREW coffee maker

When you're done, simply pour the contents into a container for storage. You'll end up with about 16 ounces of concentrate to which you should add water or milk before drinking.

Your coffee will have a bold smoothness, rich, complex flavors, and natural sweetness because the cold brew process makes a cup that is 67% less acidic than what you'd get with traditional brewing methods.

The OXO BREW, as the name suggests, does not take up much space, which is a huge plus when you live in a studio apartment or your home has a small kitchen.

All parts, including the decanter and its cork lid, fit neatly into the plastic brewer when not in use, so you can easily store it in a cupboard or closet.

8. Mueller - Best Budget French Press

The Mueller French Press is an outstanding and functional French press. The stainless steel body and mirror finish are durable, and the press is easy to operate.

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/ 10

Mueller French Press coffee maker

The handle itself does not get hot, unlike the handles of many other French presses. The double-walled outer surface of the French press keeps your coffee hot (or cold) for over an hour. You can brew regular hot coffee with this French press, or make cold brew.

This press not only looks good but also works well. Thanks to a high-quality three-layer filter, no grounds will end up in your finished drink.

Because the Mueller French press keeps the coffee warm for so long, the coffee retains its fresh taste and aromas. Plus, its large capacity makes it great for families.

Budget Coffee Maker


Are budget coffee makers good?

Some people are mistaken in thinking that if a coffee maker is cheap, then it is of poor quality. This is far from the truth. There are models that can brew just as well as expensive coffee machines.

What is the difference between a budget and an expensive coffee maker?

Expensive coffee machines, as a rule, are sophisticated automatic devices that, no doubt, make a great drink. Budget coffee makers are simpler, have fewer functions, and may not be as efficient as their high-end counterparts.

Is it safe to leave the coffee maker on while away from home?

Each coffee maker has its own recommendations. It’s best to read the safety precautions in the manual before deciding whether to leave it unattended. If you do want to use the machine while you’re not paying attention, choose a coffee maker with an automatic shutdown function.