Best Espresso Machines Under 200: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Reviewed by Urban Bean Coffee Team

on August 6, 2021


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Each of the espresso machines under 200 listed below was selected by Urban Bean Coffee because of its excellent build quality, variety of features, and satisfied customer reviews.

Have you been wanting an espresso machine, but unable to afford the expensive models?

Never fear! These affordable machines will deliver delicious drinks.

This review presents the best espresso machines under 200 dollars in 2021.


Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

For a cheap price, you get an automatic espresso machine that also makes cappuccino and latte.

Key Features

Automatic frothing milk for latte and cappuccino

Easy to clean

• To brew coffee, simply insert the filter with ground coffee and press the button



SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine

This espresso machine takes up little space in your kitchen.

Key Features

Compact design
• Built-in manual milk frother
 Easy to use


Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Coffee pods are a quick and convenient way to brew espresso, and this coffee machine brews them better than others. 

Key Features

Two sizes: espresso and lungo

Brewing time 25-30 seconds

Easy to disassemble and clean

What types of espresso machines are available under $200?


This type of espresso maker is most often used in restaurants or specialized coffee houses. You need to be an experienced barista to use such a machine.

With a semi-automatic machine, the process of preparing a drink is comparable to the work of a cook in the kitchen: each barista creates his own unique drink, even though he is using the same technology as all the other baristas. In the semi-automatic best espresso machines under 200 the volume of water is chosen with the help of a barista, so the more experienced the barista, the tastier and more refined the drink will be. Semi-automatic machines use coffee grounds.

Advantage: the ability to create a truly unique recipe for your signature drink.

Disadvantage: the need for qualified personnel.


Super-automatic espresso machines have an extremely wide range of applications. Such espresso makers can be found in beauty salons, company offices, fast food restaurants, and even at roadside gas stations. Their popularity is easy to explain: they are incredibly convenient and easy to use, and they produce consistently high-quality drinks, regardless of the level of staff training.

Among other professional best espresso machines under 200, this type is distinguished by the presence of “smart” electronics, which ensures the entire process of preparing the drink according to the programmed parameters.

You can program the required volume of beans, water, milk, or chocolate to prepare a serving of a particular type of drink (up to 40 different recipes).

Super-automatic espresso makers have one or two built-in coffee grinders and one or two built-in hoppers for coffee beans, which allows you to create the most balanced taste for your drink. Before starting work, the super-automatic machine passes a readiness test and monitors the fullness of the waste bins and water tank.

A super-automatic coffee machine is an apparatus that allows you to fully program the production process. To make coffee, you just have to select your desired drink and press a button. The machine will do the rest.

Because human mistakes can’t influence the brewing process, you will always get a high-quality drink.

Capsule machine

The capsule coffee machine operates as follows. A hermetically sealed mixture of roasted beans is stored in capsules. After being placed in the coffee machine, the capsule is punctured and hot water enters the hole. After a couple of minutes, the drink is ready.

Conventional coffee machines require several modes of operation with the ability to select the water temperature, coffee strength, etc. In some cases, to configure all the parameters, you almost need to be a professional barista. As for simple coffee makers, they cannot give the quality of drink that would suit today's consumers. In this situation, the capsule-type espresso maker becomes the best option, and here's why:

Firstly, the sealed capsule packaging maintains the coffee’s flavor for a long time. In addition, it’s easy to prepare the right drink because the optimal volume and mixture of bean varieties has already been selected for you. There’s no need to choose parameters or take care of the water temperature - the coffee machine will do everything for you.

Also, capsule machines do not require painstaking care. With standard daily care (cleaning the drip tray, drain grate, etc.) the unit will last a long time.

Overall, capsule coffee machines are distinguished by their ease of use and care.

The Best Espresso Machine Under 200

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best espresso machine from the market. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the best espresso machines under $200 on amazon by value for money. Here are the Urban Bean Coffee’s top 10 best espresso machines under 200 in 2021:

1. Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine”]

Mr. Coffee has been manufacturing automatic coffee makers for almost 50 years. No matter how demanding you are, you can find a Mr. Coffee machine that fits your needs and budget. It is no surprise that Mr coffee has a lot of regular customers.

If you are familiar with the brand, you know that it offers a large number of different products. Therefore, it can be difficult to understand which espresso maker suits your needs. Having analyzed several devices, I can confidently say that the Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is worth a try.

This best espresso machine under 200 not only brews espresso, but also makes cappuccinos, lattes and more. Mr. Coffee may be the perfect choice for a family that loves a variety of drinks. Plus, it can brew up to five cups at a time.

The first thing that attracts my attention is the design. Although this espresso machine is fairly cheap and made of plastic, the front panels look like a stainless steel case. In addition, the product comes in three colors: white, silver and red. Mr. Coffee’s espresso maker can match any kitchen design.

With this best espresso machine under 200 dollars you can brew a drink and foam milk. If you are looking for a cappuccino, this Cappuccino Maker can prepare a cup of the delicious foamy drink in just a few minutes.

Mr. Coffee’s machine is a win-win solution for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a drink at home. It’s a simple espresso maker with a stylish design that can satisfy the needs and desires of any coffee aficionado.

2. SOWTECH Espresso Machine

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”SOWTECH Espresso Machine”]

If you’re not trying to brew many cups at a time, you can choose a smaller tool that suits your caffeine needs. This is exactly what SOWTECH provides.

This best espresso machine under $150 has 3.5 bar pressure and is the most affordable of the products in this article. The machine has one control for all functions, and its compact design is still powerful and brews cups quickly.

An added benefit is that the SOWTECH machine is available for less than $150. Given its small shape, you can place this tool in almost any kitchen.

As for the controls, you only turn one knob, so brewing becomes an amazingly simple process. The machine comes with many accessories, including a spoon, a decanter, an instruction booklet, a filter, and a funnel.

You can also use the steam outlet located on the side of the machine to process the milk for your drink.

Many users were pleased with the results of such a compact and affordable best espresso machine under $150. Some users found that they needed some time to get used to how to make espresso to get a quality cup, but they were happy when they did.

3. Nespresso Pixie

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Looking for a small, elegant, and easy-to-use espresso machine? Nespresso Pixie is the perfect choice for you. This machine can easily fit in the tiniest part of your kitchen. The product is made of ABS plastic, which makes it more modern.

The design of this best espresso machine under $250 will make you fall in love with it. Side panels with equal dimensions on all sides are perfectly aligned and smooth. The Nespresso Pixie is available in many vibrant, beautiful colors, such as red lipstick, black, brushed aluminum, and brown; these colors will look great in any kitchen.

Anyone who sees this product will be surprised at its small size. This is the smallest espresso maker in this review. If your home or office is running out of space, the Nespresso Pixie will be ideal given its small size.

The product is fully automatic and works great with espresso pods. It will instantly brew a cup of your favorite drink, which is a great feature. The process is also simple: you just need to insert a pod and choose the number of shots in the range from 1 to 3 ounces.

With the Nespresso Pixie, you can enjoy a cup of hot espresso in just 30 seconds. 16 espresso pods come with the machine, and after using them up you can easily order more online.

All the machine’s indicators are backlit for easy reading, and because the Nespresso Pixie is compact and doesn’t have any fancy features, it is very user-friendly.

This small espresso machine has virtually no flaws. Since this machine is small, its brewing capacity is also small, which can be a disadvantage for a large family or office. But for a small home or office, it’s perfect. Also, the machine is easy to clean. Removing and re-installing the water tank can be a little complicated at first, but as you get used to it, it also becomes easy.

4. De’Longhi EC702

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”De’Longhi EC702″]

The De’Longhi EC702 is quite small, so it is suitable for kitchens of any size. Made from a sturdy and attractive stainless steel case, it looks very nice.

One of the best features of this product that sets it apart from the crowd is the convenient milk frother. Unlike conventional frothers that are attached to the front of the machine, this frother is on the side. Thus, you can brew your favorite coffee house without worrying that the frother will get in your way.

The machine also has patented filter-holder technology that lets you brew with either grounds or pods, which is another thing that I love about this manufacturer.

Since the boiler is made of stainless steel, its heating power is quite fast and uniform. The machine also has a self-priming function so you don’t have to wait long for a perfectly brewed cup.

The water tank holds 44oz and has a visible water level indicator. This way you will know exactly when to refill the tank.

In case you need any troubleshooting help, de’longhi provides real-time support.

5. Breville Vertuo

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”Breville Vertuo”]

The Nespresso Vertuo is a new system that offers freshly brewed drinks with cream.
In general, I was delighted with the performance of this device. Everything is convenient and makes sense, and you always get excellent results.

Although performance is important, appearance and design are the first things you notice when you open the box and take out the product. The Breville Vertuo is a stylish, modern black model with chrome inserts on the sides. In general, I liked the combination of black and chrome, as I believe that it can add aesthetic value to any kitchen.

This best espresso machine under $200 is very compact, which is fantastic as it does not require a lot of counter space. This does not affect its strength, however, as it weighs more than 12 pounds and cannot be easily knocked over.

As for drinks, the espresso was strong enough and its temperature was ideal.

The Nespresso machine can brew 5 sizes of drink from 1.35oz to 14oz, and uses the same size Nespresso Vertuo capsule for every size of drink. The only difference is that it adds more water when brewing larger drinks. Keep in mind that the general idea of this option is to make a weaker drink, and if you ask me, the 14oz Alto is the perfect drink for a commute

Before we discuss the cleaning process in more detail, we note that you need to clean the machine before making coffee for the first time. This is especially important as it helps you get rid of factory odors and makes sure that the Breville Vertuo is free of harmful substances that could endanger your health.

Regarding maintenance, the good news is that this espresso maker has an automated cleaning process. Check out the manual to find out how to run it. It is quite simple, and it takes no more than a few minutes. Besides regular cleaning, you also need to set aside time to remove scale buildup.

6. De’Longhi EC155

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”De’Longhi EC155″]

The build quality of this De’Longhi machine is not very impressive, but you can’t beat the price. The De’Longhi EC155 is made of hard black plastic, and the parts that touch the espresso itself are stainless steel.

With the De’Longhi EC155 you get a solid product that you can use for several years. If your espresso maker fails early, there is a one-year warranty that you can use to replace it.

To make espresso, it is necessary to push water through coffee grounds under high pressure. This best espresso machine under $200 can exert a pressure of 15 bar, which is great considering the size and price of the product. Typically, this level of pressure is only found in larger and more expensive espresso makers.

As is typical of many countertop best espresso machines under $200, the de’longhi heats up to the correct temperature within 45 seconds. An indicator tells the user when the espresso maker is ready.

Your first shot will be hot, but probably not as hot as a shot from a higher-quality product. The good news is that the De’Longhi machine is effective enough to extract coffee for one or two shots at a time. Its 35oz water tank is more than adequate to brew a few 1-2oz espressos.

The EC155 is a rare espresso maker because you can use either pods or grounds to make a drink. This can really make a difference in the morning when you don’t want to spend time grinding your beans.

Although the De’Longhi EC155 does not have a coffee grinder, as higher-end products do, it’s still great to be able to choose between grounds and pods.

The De’Longhi EC155 is also very easy to clean. The drip tray and water tank are easy to remove, and the internal mechanisms can also be cleaned using the manufacturer’s protocol, which should be simple enough for most users.

7. De’Longhi ECP3420

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”De’Longhi ECP3420″]

The De’Longhi ECP3420 is clearly designed for convenience. Out of the box, this espresso maker requires very little effort to set up. In fact, everything will be ready to go, and you can quickly make a drink. Everything in the brewing process has been streamlined, which is ideal for those who do not have much time in the morning.

The 37-ounce water tank is removable, making it easy to fill, and has a self-priming system that significantly reduces waiting times. Consumers can choose between double and single shots of espresso at the touch of a button.

The built-in milk frother works well and produces the perfect textured milk, which is great for people who love cappuccinos.

In addition, most of the processes required to make a drink are automated. This is very cool in terms of convenience, but may not be ideal for those who are looking for a more active experience in preparing drinks.

The enhanced usability this espresso maker offers is its relatively painless cleaning process. In addition, many parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

One of the most common complaints of consumers buying low- and medium-level products is that these products don’t produce consistently high-quality drinks every day. However, the engineers at De’Longhi seem to have solved this problem, and with 15 bar of pressure, the machine consistently produces great drinks.

This best espresso machine under $200 allows customers to try both espresso and cappuccino drinks. If you want to improve your barista skills, then the De’Longhi ECP3420 is an ideal way to get started.

8. Klarstein BellaVita

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”Klarstein Passionata 20″]

What are the best home espresso machines? One answer to this question is the Klarstein BellaVita. Why this particular espresso maker? Let’s find out.

The Klarstein BellaVita is a powerful 15-bar espresso maker. With it, you can create amazing coffee and squeeze every last drop of gourmet drink out of your grounds. You can also purchase a 20-bar version that comes in red or silver finishes.

The machine has a steam nozzle for foaming milk and making hot drinks. The Klarstein BellaVita can also make hot chocolate and tea, not just regular coffee, so you will be able to satisfy any of your cravings.

A removable water tank at the back holds 1.25 liters of water, which is enough for almost 6 cups, and a pressure of 15 bar ensures that the great bean aroma fills your kitchen.

Two cups can be prepared at the same time, so this is a great coffee maker if you have a partner who also enjoys a morning or evening cup of espresso, or even a latte.

You can use both pre-ground coffee and espresso pods with this machine. The pods are available in supermarkets.

If you have a kitchen with limited space, then the Klarstein BellaVita may be the perfect espresso maker for you, as it is compact and can fit in almost any kitchen.

The bottom of this best espresso machine under $200 has non-slip rubber pads, so you won’t have to worry about jostling the machine and ruining your drink.

9. Cuisinart EM-200

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”Cuisinart EM-200″]

The Cuisinart EM-200 gives you complete control over your espresso. The EM-200 has 2 programmable brewing buttons, a manual brewing button, and the ability to brew using ground beans or ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) capsules.

This best espresso machine under $200 is also very versatile. The stainless steel milk frother and the included frothing cup make cappuccinos, lattes, and more very easy to create.

Programming and brewing are also simple thanks to the backlit blue buttons on the control panel that flash when the machine is warming up, as well as when it’s in programming mode. These backlit buttons also give the Cuisinart EM-200 an elegant, contemporary look.

A great advantage for those who like to have fun is that the Cuisinart EM-200 is equipped with a cup-warming tray, so you can brew many cups in a row without any getting cold.

Its 64oz large water tank allows you to pour almost 34 shots before refilling, and it can be removed for easy filling and cleaning. The drip tray is also removable, making it easy to rinse at the end of the day.

The EM-200 has a control panel designed for easy operation, so preparing your morning drink will never be a difficult process. The control panel has 6 backlit metal buttons, and they are marked from left to right: power, manual, 1 cup, 2 cups, program, and steam.

As the espresso maker heats up to the perfect brewing temperature, the brewing buttons will flash. This ensures that you can always enjoy espresso at the perfect temperature and taste. When you find the right size for your drink, you want consistent results with every brewing.

The 1 and 2 cup buttons come pre-programmed in 1.5 and 3 ounces respectively, but can be easily reprogrammed. Just press the programming button and then the brewing button that you want to program to start brewing an espresso.

The brewing button will blink, and when your desired volume of liquid has been reached, simply press the button again to finish brewing. After that, the device will beep to indicate that your settings are saved.

10. KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine

[img_block amz_url=”″ img_url=”” prod_name=”KRUPS XP3208″]

If you dislike brands that release the same model every year with “new” updates, then you obviously did not carefully look at the KRUPS line.

Their espresso makers are some of the best on the market, offering professional barista-style espressos for kitchens of all sizes.

The KRUPS XP100050 is the model that most people ultimately buy, and we can understand why. In terms of features, this espresso model strikes the right balance between convenience and the ability to adjust and fine-tune the brewing process to your tastes.

As you would expect, a professional 4-bar pump is ideal, and an aluminum boiler heats water at a very high speed.

Customizable manual settings that allow you to control the brewing time and volume of water are not as accurate as the settings on a commercial espresso maker, but they are decent for home use. I also liked the frothing attachment. It is simple, but it works and there’s enough space to steam a medium-size milk jug with it.

All in all, this is a pretty simple espresso maker. But this is its charm. If you are a barista or already have skills under your belt, this machine will be a convenient assistant for your home brewing.

Espresso Machine Under 200



What can you expect from an espresso machine under $200?

From espresso machines in this category, you can expect a good-quality espresso, but not high enough quality to call it classic. Also, these espresso machines can have a milk frother for the production of espresso-based drinks.

Is an espresso machine under $200 suitable for the home?

An espresso machine for such a price would be a good option for a home or office. They are not suitable for coffee shops, though.

Does an espresso machine under $200 make good espresso?

It depends on which espresso machine you choose. Some espresso machines can make good espresso, but they will be far from professional devices.